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Project Title The Infiniti Installations

Project Completed 2017

Project Partners Morgan Robinson, Gayle Curry and Anton Morton

Project Media Steel, Automotive Enamel and Encaustic
Architectural Wall Installations at Bob Moore Infiniti in Oklahoma City, OK. Installation one: Curves XVIII Installation, 2017, Auto Enameled Steel, Variable Dimensions Installed. Commissioned Installation composed of 15 fabricated steel sections, each mirroring one another, oriented in juxtaposition on the wall to create a flowing movement of organic lines accentuated by the play of shadow and light. Composed of 15 sections each measuring 36 inches long by 36 inches tall by 4 inches deep. This installation was designed to activate an open wood wall with overall usable space of 18 feet wide by 16 feet high with a smaller wall extension that passes above an opening. The design was created and fabricated by artist Morgan Robinson. Installation Two: Curry Installation, 2017, Encaustic on Cradled Panel, Variable Dimensions Installed. The installation was designed to activate the seating area near sales and service; and measures 8 feet by 3 feet installed. The installation was designed and fabricated by artist Gayle Curry.

The main goal was to activate exterior to interior views of the entry lobby area and the interior seating area; while complimenting production artworks throughout the building. There was also a strong desire to finish the larger wall installation in a patented Infinity color auto enamel. The project worked to maintain a six-month timeline for the completion and installation of both commissions.

ProcessWorking with project architecture and interior design teams we reviewed and selected artists for the project, assisted in the conception of designs, managed presentation materials and communication through the design phase, managed contracting and oversight of fabrication and installation phases of the project.

One of the most substantial challenges to this project was the metal finish application which required several spray applications of metallic and pearl enamels; high polished in between spray applications. The Curve design has several inside corners on each section that make for challenging finish applications. The result was worth every ounce of effort, having created a color finish that changes, from midnight purple to cobalt, as the observer changes position.
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