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About Kasum Manifold

Kasum Manifold strives to nurture the needs and desires of every client we serve. We value our project partners, their interests and quirks by providing an atmosphere which allows for discovery; with astute consultations from industry professionals. Our company has facilitated the completion of public art project commissions valued up to 2.2 million, private commissions valued up to 200k and regularly manages logistic and handling projects with risk assessments greater than one million USD.

We service the creative needs of studios, designers, architecture and engineering firms, interior designers, industry design consultants, municipal and state public art collections, corporate and private art collections, museums, galleries, auction houses and creative sector specialists on projects from the expected to the extreme.

Kasum Contemporary Fine Art, Inc. was founded in 2014, by art’s entrepreneur Anton R. T. Morton and visual creative Stacey D. Miller, in Oklahoma City, OK. Later, in 2019, Kasum developed a creative projects subsidiary, Manifold Creative Concepts. Manifold was founded on the desire to serve site-specific public and corporate art projects through multicultural, multi-gender and multi-generational, interdisciplinary collaborations. Manifold is headed by Principal Anton Morton and Associate Principal Pamela Zeljak.

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