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Corporate Collection Services

Planning something big, moving things around, making an update or a statement? That’s our expertise. You’ve grown your business by focusing on what you do, let us help your business by doing what we do best. We, do art. All day. Every day. We’ve helping organizations just like yours, to exceed their art expectations, for more than sixteen years. We’ve helped transition office spaces, worked as acquisition advisors, helped establish monumental art installations, and consulted on all manner of things from budget development to site master-planning. Our company strives to nurture the needs and desires of every client we serve. We value our project partners, their interests and quirks by providing an atmosphere which allows for discovery; with astute consultations from industry professionals. We maintain a vast operating network of over 3,000 artists and multidisciplinary studios, 80 galleries, 12 art fairs, multiple auction houses, major municipal and state arts offices, corporate collections and art’s service providers. We regularly develop and lead collaborative design teams for complex projects. Kasum Contemporary strives to nurture the needs and desires of every client. We value our collectors, their interests and quirks by providing an atmosphere which allows for discovery.

Big or Small,
if it's Art, it's Us

    Art and Design Consulting Services

  • Architect and Designer Collaborations

  • Art Acquisition and Commission

  • Art and Design Licensing

  • Art Integration Strategy

  • Art Master Plan Development

  • Artist and Designer Sourcing

  • Blueprint and Shop Drawings

  • Budget Development/Management

  • Certified Appraiser and Licensed Appraiser Sourcing

  • Condition Reports and Historical Evaluation

  • Contract Review

  • Commission Contracting

  • Creative Lighting Design

  • Creative Team Sourcing, Development and Management

  • Cultural, Historical and Community Research

  • Design Review

  • Design planning and Rendering

  • Exhibit Planning

  • Fabrication Sourcing

  • Installation Planning Management

  • Installation Supervision

  • Insurance Acquisition for High-Risk Assets and Installations

  • Project Planning On-Site/Virtual

  • Maintenance Plan Development

  • Material Research and Planning

  • Material Sourcing

  • Presentation Planning and Development

  • Proposal Review

  • RFQ/RFP Application Review and Development

  • RFQ/RFP/Call Development, Marketing and Management

  • Studio Consulting and Management

  • Wayfinding Design


    Art Project Management Services


  • Budget Management

  • Close Out Reports

  • Communication Management

  • Contract Review and Negotiation

  • Contractor Bids

  • Contractor Management

  • Cost-Share Negotiation and Contracting

  • Fabrication Contracting and Management

  • Design and Installation Planning

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Material Acquisition and Management

  • Project Status Reports

  • Project Imaging/Video and Image/Video License Contracting

  • Project Time-lapse Management

  • Safety Planning and Management

  • Scheduling

  • Shipping Management

  • Site Planning

  • Site Management

    Logistics and Handling Services


  • On-Site Installation/De-Installation Handling 

  • Dedicated Arts Transit (Conditioned and Non-Conditioned)

  • Artwork/Antiquity/Collectible Packing (Custom Soft Shells)

  • Crating and Crate Fitting (Air Crates, Hard-shells and Storage)

  • Exclusive and Climate Control Freight Brokering

  • International Customs Paperwork, Duties/Taxes/Fees Management

  • Freight Brokering for High-Risk Assets and Collectables

  • Installation Insurance and Hold Harmless Provision Contracting

  • Installation Planning and Management

  • International Freight Brokering

  • Third Party Freight Insurance Acquisition

  • Curatorial and Display Planning

  • Lighting Design and Consultation

  • Artwork Maintenance and Preservation

  • Collection Management and Appraisal

  • Security Hardware and Alarm Mount Applications

  • Exhibit Set-Up and Oversight

    Creative Team Services

  • Art and Design Team Building

  • Artist and Designer Sourcing

  • Community Stakeholder Sourcing

  • Creative Team Management

    Design Rendering Services


  • 2D/3D Graphic Rendering

  • 3D Printed Model Building

  • A/V Editing

  • Blueprint and Shop Drawings

  • Graphic Model Texturing

  • Hand Rendering

  • Installation Renderings

  • Motion Graphic Rendering

  • Traditional Model Building

  • SketchUp Rendering

  • Sketch Animation and Motion Graphic Rendering

  • Design Software and Applications: SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite, Mudbox, Z-Brush

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