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Residential and Private Collection Services

Whether  you need help hanging a heavy heirloom mirror or moving a whole home collection, we have the experience to help you complete the job, safe and successfully, the first time. With over sixteen years in the art business, we are a full-service one-stop-shop provider for general art handling, installation, packing/crating, storage, collection maintenance/conservation and transportation. In addition to our standard residential art services, we also offer, and work directly with, many support services for collection management, acquisition, curation, lighting/display design, consultation and appraisal.

Big or Small,
if it's Art, it's Us

  • On-Site Installation/De-Installation Handling 

  • Dedicated Arts Transit (Conditioned and Non-Conditioned)

  • Artwork/Antiquity/Collectible Packing (Custom Soft Shells)

  • Crating and Crate Fitting (Air Crates, Hard-shells and Storage)

  • Exclusive and Climate Control Freight Brokering

  • International Customs Paperwork, Duties/Taxes/Fees Management

  • Freight Brokering for High-Risk Assets and Collectables

  • Artwork Insurance Planning

  • Installation Planning and Management

  • International Freight Brokering

  • Third Party Freight Insurance Acquisition

  • Curatorial and Display Planning

  • Lighting Design and Consultation

  • Artwork Maintenance and Preservation

  • Collection Management and Appraisal

  • Security Hardware and Alarm Mount Applications

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